Starting an Ice Cream Business –

Starting an Ice Cream Business

Ice Cream Business

Picking options for their own business, bringing a stable profit, and not requiring at the start of an insurmountable investment, look at the ice cream trade.

The product is in great demand, is inexpensive, and involves minimal costs for the organization of the workplace. True, the undeniable pluses have one minus – this trade is seasonal. For stationary points, it is fraught with lower sales in winter. For street – a break in work for almost six months. So let’s still deal: a business on ice cream profitable or not?

One thing you can be sure of is that the popularity of ice cream is not going to decrease. For the first time, its taste was evaluated in ancient China, where they served ice cream or its similarity – snow and ice with fruit. Now according to the statistics, each of us manages to eat about 10 kg of the dainty in a year. It’s a small thing – to think of how to motivate the buyer to come for ice cream to you.

Where to begin

If you want, but do not know how to make a business on ice cream, decide on its type. On what it will be – an ice cream shop, street trade, a fixed stall, a refrigerator under an umbrella, and depends on the budget and the efforts that will have to make to start the outlet.

– Street vending. Minimal cost and design. All that is needed – to obtain permission for the point, to buy a freezer stall (stationary or mobile) and products.

– Placing a stall is a more expensive task. Registration of MAF will make run through the instances. There will be significant expenditures for the purchase of the boat and equipment. In increasing investment will have a significant advantage – sales are less dependent on vagaries of the weather and the seller does not have to minimize trade in the rain.

– Ice cream cafe. You can have guests all year round. No seasonality and celestial surprises. Reduced sales of the ice cream itself in the winter can easily be compensated by another dessert assortment. However, opening a fixed point is expensive, and the package of permits to be collected is impressive.

To decide how to make a business for the sale of ice cream, you need to combine your desires with opportunities. But first of all, calculate whether the game is worth the candle at all.

Business plan 

The initial stage will need a competent business plan. If your expertise as an economist isn’t enough to calculate all the financials, ask an expert. What it will do for you. With simple mathematical steps and setting clear goals (long-term, short-term) you will see the profitability of the project.

The business plan for the production of ice cream must take into account any little things from the purchase of technological units to the rising cost of electricity and an increase in the size of the minimum wage. Of great importance is the choice of sales location. This directly affects the level of sales.

The business plan should be a visual guide to the development of your enterprise.


This is quite a costly part in organizing an ice cream business. There are several options:

– Buying new. Expensive, but reliable;

– Buying used. At least half the price. It is true, how long the equipment will work it is not known;

– rent. Small expenses. Maintenance of an operable condition the task of the lessor.

The last option is often offered by ice cream dealers. It allows you to start a business with modest financial resources.


Selling ice cream is a profitable investment with a quick payback. The seasonal version of the trade is more profitable, but still “feeds” only in the warm period of the year. The stationary point will require a serious investment, but the income will bring all year round.

If you are seriously interested in how to do business on ice cream, start by finding a reliable partner. TM “Lasunka” is not only ice cream, which customers love, but also favorable terms of cooperation:

– affordable cost;

– favorable terms of payment;

– product promotion;

– branded trading equipment;

– consulting services, staff training.

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