Making Earnings from a Jewelry Online –

Making Earnings from a Jewelry Online


This article is a treasure trove of useful information for those who make jewelry themselves or want to sell jewelry.

Whether it is possible to sell jewelry online, where to look for suppliers and how to open an online jewelry store yourself – read more.

First, a spoonful of tar. You can’t sell precious metals online: that’s the law. According to the Presidential Decree, precious metals and their products are included in the list of goods, the free sale of which is prohibited. By precious metals, we mean gold, silver, platinum in pure form, and alloys, including jewelry, coins, as well as precious stones: natural diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, alexandrites, natural pearls. So if you open an online store and start selling these products, you face administrative responsibility.

What jewelry can you trade online?

We do not advise you to circumvent the law: the price will be too high. There is a way out: you can trade jewelry or jewelry with semi-precious stones: jasper, coral, agate, amber, and others. Even the zirconium that imitates diamonds belongs to semi-precious stones.

Nowadays, there are enough masters in the market who make and sell quality jewelry. If you treat them like a flag in your hands, read our instructions, and open your own online store. If not – look for reliable suppliers, agree on cooperation, and start working.

What’s good costume jewelry?

Yes, they are not noble jewelry. Many people wrinkle their noses and refuse to wear handmade jewelry, preferring natural stones, and diamonds. But first of all, most customers simply can’t afford exclusive jewelry, because it costs too much. And ordinary things made in Russia are nothing but consumer goods, which can be found on hundreds of other women.

But the jewelry is in fashion now: it will emphasize your individuality much better, and it is inexpensive: everyone can afford it. Especially well quoted are vintage or stylized for vintage jewelry, large bright costume jewelry, ethnic and boho motifs, style steam-punk, and others.

So, how to open an online jewelry store?

Create a unique selling proposition

If you create things yourself or sell jewelry of other masters – in any case, bet on the author’s style and originality. Come up with a name for your future store – you can read about the science of naming here. Formulate your unique selling proposition. How do you differ from thousands of other masters and sellers? Maybe you use unusual rare stones, fittings, and materials in your work? Or do you sell jewelry for a narrow niche – TV series or music band fans? Or maybe you have invented or improved a special technology that makes your jewelry different from others? Or, finally, you just roll out and take on a very inexpensive job? Think about it and tell your customers.


Be sure to emphasize that you sell unique goods made in one copy. Well, maybe in a few – it often happens that the client finds the jewelry he likes and asks to repeat the design. Do not get tired of saying that the costume jewelry is assembled by hand, the author himself invents the design and brings the idea to life.

Develop the author’s style

Think about a corporate style that will make your jewelry stand out from thousands of others. Order a unique website design or use templates. Together with the designer, develop a logo, and create your own slogan. Use the main design elements – corporate colors, logo, slogan – wherever you can: on the site, in the public in social networks, business cards, and packaging bags.

Looking for suppliers

Regardless of whether you create your own jewelry or want to sell it, look for like-minded people. It is quite difficult to promote an online store on your own: if you are a master, you just won’t have time to produce many items for sale. So it is better to cooperate with colleagues and open a store together, on shares.

If you just want to realize your entrepreneurial streak and try to create a business on jewelry, we advise you to look for masters yourself. Many people have groups on Facebook, where they sell their products – who is successful and who is not. Also pay attention to specialized sites: “Masters Fair”, “Lambada Market” and others. These are open online fairs, where you can not only see the proposed products but also write to mothers.

Do not forget about suppliers of materials and fittings: if you create jewelry yourself, you probably already know your “fish” places. There is a chance to cut costs and find wholesalers: now that your business is on the flow, you will have to save more. At the same time, don’t forget about the quality: it shouldn’t suffer, otherwise, bad news on a sundered radio will spread quickly.


Do you know how many talented girls sell their products on the Internet? And how many of them became serious businesswomen and launched their own brand? Here’s the same thing. To get around the competitors, conduct an audit of their resources – study the website, pages in social networks, read interviews with successful masters. Look at what marketing tools they use for promotion: they conduct sales, contests among subscribers, make discounts, or maybe they travel on a unique design?

Target audience

Determine which target audience you are counting on. If your horse is delicate and elegant jewelry, young girls, brides, and romantic persons will surely like it. If you like large bright jewelry – offer it to eccentric individuals, creative individuals. Ethnic motifs, floral and wood elements will please fans of everything natural. Glass and plastic will buy modern stylish men and women, keeping up with the times.

Create a website

You can, of course, follow the path of least resistance and sell your jewelry on Instagram or VKontakte. Many do so without bothering to create and promote the site. But let’s play big: a working site with bait widgets, a clear structure, and useful content – it’s still much more serious than the coolest public VC.

You can order a good working website of the online store in an agency, from a familiar programmer, or on the In sales platform. Make sure that the system has the ability to integrate with popular services and widgets.

Fill in the product catalog

You have already invented what assortment will be in the online jewelry store? No? Then here are a few ideas, honestly seen from competitors. The whole assortment can be divided into several categories. Here are some options:

  • women’s, men’s, children’s jewelry;
  • chains, brooches, rings, earrings, cufflinks, and so on;
  • vintage, ethnics, steampunk, classic, romance;
  • separate categories for each master’s work.

Do not forget about the related products. You can sell separate hardware, beads, stones – for those who want to create jewelry themselves. Many people will like the opportunity to choose their own packaging – a beautiful box, bag, ribbons. If you wish, you can further expand the range and sell various accessories: watches, key chains, scarves and stoles, bags.

Developing a website structure

In addition to the directory itself, we advise you to fill in a few more sections. On the main page, we advise placing blocks of contacts with detailed coordinates, new sales, information on how to order, delivery terms, section reviews, a blog with current articles on jewelry design, a separate page for sales and products at discounts.

Also do not forget about the search function and filters to facilitate the selection of goods. And, of course, the shopping cart – it should be eye-catching right away.

Promote online jewelry store

Advertising banners

Very many online stores publish advertising information on the main page. It is also convenient – the buyer just came in and immediately sees what you want to show him, rather than wandering on the site. If you are doing sales or PR of a new master – great, so tell us about it. Banners and pop-ups should lead to the page, which contains relevant information.

Banners can be placed not only on your website but also on any other page. Think about where your audience can theoretically go: women’s sites, popular blogs, thematic communities (for example, if you sell jewelry with the symbolism of music bands – it’s good for the fan sites). Agree with the owners of these resources and catch the traffic – your target audience will click on a banner and go to your site.

Product descriptions and photos

Remember, you sell not jewelry, but emotions. What will your customer get by placing an order? A bright beautiful thing, an opportunity to feel special, to stand out from the crowd. And also a brooch, earrings or bracelet – an excuse to update a new dress, to hold a photoshoot … there is not much to catch the readers! Write delicious descriptions, do not forget to photograph the product from all sides. By the way, in the segment of jewelry perfectly work photo on the model – buyers need to see how the jewelry looks like on a real person. Pose yourself, invite a friend, and take a picture of all the jewelry on a professional camera.

Contextual advertising

Try typing in the search engine “online jewelry store” – the first place will go to those sites that have invested in the context advertising. You can also use this effective tool: contact the agency, where specialists will study information about your site, create an advertising campaign according to certain words, and watch the results. Plus this method: you pay only for the number of visits to your site. That is if a person just saw an advertisement – it does not count, and if he clicked on it and went to the site of the online store – prepare the money.


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