Huge Earnings from Toys –

Huge Earnings from Toys

Toy Business

All children love toys, and parents love children.

Seeing a bright toy in a window in the form of a fluffy animal or a favorite cartoon character, the child begins to pull Mom and Dad in the store and to deny his child to purchase the desired is quite difficult. Based on this, it is safe to say that building a business on the sale of soft toys is profitable and quite simple, most importantly to show a little ingenuity and make efforts.

How to organize such a business depends on you and your budget. At the initial stage, you can open an ordinary tent. For distribution of goods choose crowded places, but before setting up a tent in the market or on the road to buy a special permit to trade and a license for the sale of soft toys. A minus in this option – the dependence on weather conditions in the rain and snow toys can get spoiled and lose their appearance.

Store, in this case, will be more practical, but rent, labor, and as a result, the cost of surcharges will be higher. Now quite profitable and popular to open their own online store, which exhibited photos and descriptions of them, the cost of goods is much lower than the market sales, so customers prefer to buy on the sites.

Determining where you will distribute products, solve problems with their delivery. Earnings on the sale of soft toys will be higher if you do their own creation, but it will take time and extra effort. Optimal for you to buy a trial bulk batch and see how the product disperse. To purchase not necessarily go to China, because, firstly, the confidence of parents to the Chinese production is very low, and secondly, there are many factories that produce fairly high quality and inexpensive stuffed toys. You do not have to spend money on a ticket, pay import duties, and the difference in price is not particularly noticeable.

And if you become a regular buyer in the same factory, then you, as a regular customer, will be given a discount. By updating the product must be approached creatively, keep track of all the new releases in the world of cartoons and children’s movies. If you decide to sew toys, then buy only high-quality materials and fillers, it is desirable that they were hypoallergenic and safe for children’s health.

Of course, you can buy cheap and inexpensive fabric, but this toy will fall apart after a month, and dissatisfied customers can sue your store, there will be unnecessary costs, and the number of buyers will decrease several times. Buying or making this product, focus on the different age groups. Believe me, some adults also like to remember their childhood.

In the development of your business, you can open a business for the manufacture of not only soft but also ordinary or even developing toys. Such trade will always be in demand, you will never be without customers, and if you are an honest entrepreneur, your business will go up.

How to make money from toys by participating in fairs

We united with the needlewomen of our city into a club of interest. At first, we just met on weekends, bragged about our work, drank tea, and learned something new from each other. And then someone suggested we organize a fair sale of handmade gifts before March 8.

The local museum gave us one of its rooms, where thematic exhibitions were held. We contributed to advertising in the newspaper and placed an ad for the fair on social networks. The first experience was not very successful. We chose an unfortunate location.

We decided to learn from our mistakes and keep trying. In May we made an agreement with an amusement park: they provided us with a platform and we advertised. The attendance at the park is high, parents bring their kids to have fun and are willing to spend money.

Sales of inexpensive toys went well. It was a great opportunity to talk to customers and find out their preferences.

Target audience

I thought my target audience was moms of 2-4-year-old kids. Therefore, the description stressed that the toys are soft, safe, without small parts. They can be taken with them to the crib and to kindergarten. But my customers were mothers of boys aged 8-10. They wanted toys that were not sold in stores. I still wonder how they found me and bought them. After all, my texts were not meant for them.

Emotional burnout

This is not something life has prepared me for. But it’s just around the corner for many creative people who try to make a living from their hobby. It’s emotional burnout. You have to perform a lot of functions, become multitasking. Being a marketer, an accountant, a handyman, a copywriter, a salesperson, a boss to yourself. This causes overload.

You can prevent this by examining your rhythms of downs and ups. They are all individual: some have a week, some may stretch for a month. It is important during a slump not to blame yourself for being lazy and putting things off until tomorrow, to do simple work, and to rest more. And remember that afterward there will definitely be an upswing.

I shared with you my experience of how to make money on toys.

This is quite realistic if you know your customer well, choose a narrow niche and a few sales channels. With some effort, you can earn more than just studs, but it is important to remember that our physical and time resources are limited. And in order to increase profits, you may have to hire helpers.

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