Huge Earnings from Boat Cleaning –

Huge Earnings from Boat Cleaning

Boat Cleaning

You can start a boat cleaning business with just such equipment as a mop and brush.

According to the entrepreneur, the average initial cost is less than 2000 dollars. There are very few competitors for the job and you will be outside all day.

Many boat owners already have cleaners for work, but they just don’t want to do it themselves. As you get a job and experience, you can add cleaning products to your cache. It is as easy to start as walking on the docks.

Get there

You need to go where the boats are moored, usually, it is a marina for yachts and yacht clubs. Create a flyer with your name and phone number, as well as a list of services you provide. Walk up and down the docks and give them away, talk to people, and ask if they know other people who can use your services. Come to the marina and introduce yourself. The staff can be a great source of references.

Get to know the workers

Boat sellers and workers at shipyards may come across boat owners looking for cleaning services. Boat sellers must clean their products before delivery. And they must have someone to whom they can contact the owners of used boats when the boat goes on sale. Workers who wash the bottoms of boats before putting them in storage may be asked to have someone clean the top and inside of the boat. Develop relationships with other employees at the marinas and shipyards to create a strong base of referrals.

Learn about boats

You will not need any authority or special training to start a boat cleaning business, but you will need to learn about the different materials that make up the top and inside of the boats, from fiberglass finishing to canvas, teak, and mahogany. Although there are no formal training programs for boat cleaners, you can find resources online through organizations such as the U.S. Boat Foundation and the American Rowing Association. There are several private companies around, such as Mobile Detail Guy and Deckhand Detailing. If you cannot find a coach near you, ask a deck or former boatman to teach you a few tricks. Ask questions in the boat equipment store and talk to boat owners about products they prefer to use in their craft.

Advertise your services

One of the best ways to get a new business is with yachtsmen, who see how you work. Wear T-shirts with your company’s name and demand that your assistants do the same. Put a sign on the dock while you work with your name and phone number. Paint on the sides of your truck or van or use a magnetic sign to promote your services while you are at the dock. Place your brochures in marina offices, in local restaurants near water, and boat stores. Because there is no competition, yachtsmen will be happy to meet you and find out what you can do for them.

Types of services provided

We will list here what, in our opinion, may be included in the cleaning and maintenance of ships.

  • Cleaning the hull, deck, lockers, cabins from water, algae, dirt, oil, and other substances. Chemical cleaning, wet cleaning, dry cleaning;
  • Hull cleaning from rust, partial or complete repainting;
  • Replacement or repair of exterior parts. Such as decking, seats, sofas, awnings, dashboards, glove boxes, and others;
  • Repair, replacement, or installation of additional attachments. Such as parking lights, echo sounders, spotlights, and others;
  • Repair, replacement, or installation of motor control systems. Such as steering wheel, rope, wires, throttle trigger, instruments, buttons, etc;
  • Tuning (improvement). Installation of music, bar, extra lighting, and other equipment as desired by a wealthy customer;
  • Additional services. Self-delivery of the vessel on your cart or towing by water.

Well, what services will provide your company, choose for yourself! Thank you for reading!

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