How to Start a Hair Business –

How to Start a Hair Business

Hair Business

Demand for services in the field of women’s beauty care remains consistently high.

Many women of the fair sex have curly and wavy hair, and to make a hairstyle spend a lot of time mirroring with ironing, washing the hair beforehand with special shampoos.

The service that helps to solve this problem for a longer period is keratin hair straightening. This type of procedure is primarily positioned to straighten, but at the same time, during the application of the material to the hair, they are impregnated with keratin, become more durable and shiny.

Keratin is the main element of hair, its natural component. It is a type of protein that is responsible for the hair structure. Keratin gives the hair its shape, and its quantitative volume will depend on whether the hair is straight or curly.

It should be noted immediately that it makes sense to start a business on straightening hair with keratin only in large cities, where there is a solvent target audience because due to its complexity and time costs, the service is not cheap.

The first place to start this business is training. An important step which you need to approach very carefully because it will depend on what kind of specialist you will become in the future and how quickly you can learn this profession.

Usually, there are several training offers, they can be sorted according to customer feedback and choose the best ones. The courses usually last 2 – 3 weeks. The cost of training is from $80 to $150. There are also more expensive training courses, where you will personally work with the master, but we are talking about group lessons.

Among other things, you need to study information on the Internet, look through all kinds of materials, read reviews and draw conclusions, while consulting with the instructors on the courses.

After the course, you can practice on yourself or do some hair straightening services for your friends at the price of the material to fill your hand and understand all the nuances of the procedure itself. Keep in mind that it is not suitable for everyone, and when working on it, an unpleasant smell of formaldehyde is emitted. Also, it is physically difficult for the master, because the procedure takes 3 – 4 hours. And those who expect to take 4 – 5 people a day will be very disappointed. It is realistic to serve 1 – 2 people per day.


If you are a beginner hair straightener, you can start working at home at first, saving your budget. In this way, you will be able to collect a base of regular customers, and prices for services to put a little lower than the cost of the same services in the salon. But there are also some moments at-home hair straightening with the help of creatine. This is the arrangement of a personal office in one of the rooms of the apartment, it should be clean, neat, and take into account that the smell after the application of the material and the start of the alignment procedures will be strong, which may not suit your cohabitants, or you yourself.

If you decide to rent a room, then look for an inexpensive option to rent near hairdressers, beauty salons, fitness clubs. The main thing is to make your office visible to the target audience, and these are girls and women from 18 to 50 years.

The area of the office may be small, it will be enough 15 – 18 sq.m. In this case, the room should have water and sewerage, and very good ventilation, with a forced ventilation system. The area of the working area is calculated based on the parameter 6 sq.m. per one wizard.


Now let’s talk about buying the necessary equipment. In fact, you will need a modest start-up capital compared to other types of business, most of which will be spent on equipment, materials, and rental.

  • Hairbrush with titanium or ceramic coating.
  • Professional hairdryer.
  • A comfortable chair for the client.
  • Towels, combs, and other tools.
  • Polyethylene gloves.
  • Races with frequent teeth.
  • Large mirror.
  • Scissors
  • Thanks for the application and storage of creatine products.
  • Arrangements for applying creatine to the hair.
  • Wash
  • Rack with hangers for outerwear.

Part of the equipment, such as a chair and mirror, you can buy used to save the budget.

How to approach the choice of materials?

Prices for creatine for hair straightening are quite high, which entails an increased cost of services. But the rule works here – not everything expensive and of high quality. And this is true. Before providing the service to a wide range of clients, you need to check the various tools on yourself or your friends, to assess the level of their effectiveness, how much effect holds, how the hair looks after it, how often you need to update and other things. Many newcomers to these products neglect and take either the cheapest materials, which result in a weak and short-term effect, and then such masters lose clients, or expensive, untested materials, which also have their own features. When working with any materials, it is necessary to follow the instructions clearly, but at the same time to look at the reaction of hair and scalp, in case of problems it is better to stop the procedure.

Find suppliers can be found on the Internet, the main thing is to know clearly what firm to work with, and what type of consumables to order.

List of consumables:

  • keratin.
  • professional hair shampoo.
  • revitalizing hair masks.

The stock of materials will need to be renewed every month.

The sequence of the procedure

The whole process of hair straightening with keratin consists of several stages, and it takes a lot of time for the master. The duration of the procedure is 2 – 4 hours.

  1. Using a deep cleaning shampoo, the hair is washed. In this way, mud and grease are washed out.
  2. Hair drying.
  3. Apply keratin composition on dry hair, hold it for 30 minutes.
  4. Hair drying.
  5. Stretch out the strands in quick movements with a brush and iron.

This procedure is now complete.


You can use several main channels for attracting clients to advertise your services.

  1. Social networks. In particular, Instagram. There you can collect a community, publish examples of works, prices for services, organize contests, as well as by paid advertising in this network.
  2. Advertising boards on the Internet. It is also a good option to declare yourself.
  3. Personal site and connection of context advertising.
  4. Bright sign and distribution of leaflets in the location where you plan to work.

In the future, customers themselves will find you by recommendations from satisfied customers.

Conclusions. Business on hair straightening with the use of creatine formulas is not a bad solution for a master who plans to work in a large city, where there are solvent customers. You should start with training and gaining experience and materials. It is possible to earn well, but the process itself is complex and has features, for example, the same smell from the compositions, which will not be appreciated by everyone.


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