How to Organise a Successful Business Photoshoot –

How to Organise a Successful Business Photoshoot


In this article, we will consider a photoshoot business. We will look at some ideas that will help you make a profit from your hobby.

A hobby of photography is not a cheap pleasure. After all, to get quality photos you need a good technique, in particular, SLR cameras, which are constantly updated with additional accessories. And they are not worth a penny. It’s good if you have the means to upgrade your arsenal, as well as to repair it in case of an emergency.

To get income from your hobby, you should try very hard, especially if you start from scratch. We will now consider some ideas that will help not only to get income from your hobby but also to improve your professionalism.

Sources of income

Shooting weddings. Newlyweds are always ready to pay a lot of money for wedding pictures so that you can show them to your friends, relatives, and acquaintances without shame. At the same time, they do not impose excessive requirements on technical aspects of photography, such as lighting, wrong white balance, wrong exposure, etc. It is much more important for them to get an incredibly beautiful artistic image, even with a large number of edits in Photoshop. The bride and groom are also not interested in what kind of camera they will be shooting, what flash they will have. And a novice photographer will only be happy about this state of affairs. Because weddings can be shot with an amateur SLR camera. There’s no need to be afraid of that. Just make a plan of action, additionally, prepare for this event and everything will be fine.

Shoot corporate parties, holidays, celebrations. This plan is very similar to the first one, but the requirements are usually even simpler. Unless, of course, the order came not from “cool organizations”. Here you may be advised by your friends and acquaintances if they have seen some of your photos. Therefore, you need to get new friends in large quantities and tell them about your business, as well as about the willingness to shoot for a small price.

Shooting at schools, kindergartens, universities, etc. The profit from this type of shooting is quite large. Different albums for graduates and pictures of children in memory of their parents bring quite a good income. For this kind of shooting it is enough to have a camera, a tripod, and a couple of umbrellas. You can still learn to work in some graphic editor to do, for example, face retouching. But this type of business is possible if you get acquainted with teachers, school directors, or other influential persons of these educational institutions. An outside photographer may simply be prohibited from taking pictures of graduates in the school building. It is difficult to plan to gather them all and take them to the photo studio. That is why, as a rule, schools shoot “their own” even if students do not like the quality of the footage.

Print photo on documents. This is a relatively easy type of business. But here you will need a printer. And so you can earn 5-10 dollars in a few minutes, but many clients are not satisfied with the quality of the resulting pictures. To be more precise, the guys do not pay much attention to how they came out on the photo, but the girls treat this shooting as a full photoshoot. It should be noted that when models look directly into the lens, it is hard to get successful shots. If you can easily do it, then you can start earning money with this method. Just take a photo and send it to the printer for printing at once.

Color printing of the photo from the media. For this business, you will need to invest a little – to buy a color printer and consumables for printing. It will also require a small office, where there should always be a lot of people who will always find something to send to print. You will also need to inform about yourself in local newspapers and at various city forums. The plan is as follows: you need a computer, a printer and a profile for the printer, and printing paper.

Photo studio. For its rent or creation, it will require considerable investments. Also, a separate expense item is advertising. A beginner is unlikely to be able to cope with such expenses. That is why we will not dwell on this idea.

Earnings at photo stocks. Now there are many sites in the network where you can upload your photos and get profit from downloading them from other users. Some sites may require you to scan your passport and pass exams, for which you will need to send a sample of your work. In this way of making money, it is important to know what users download most often. Usually, these are images of animals, portraits of people from different professions, less often – landscapes. The more pictures you upload, the more likely it will be to make a profit, and the higher your remuneration.

Shooting for online stores and magazines. For a beginner, everything here is difficult, because the promoted store most likely will not appeal to him, and young, if he does, he will not pay much. So it is better to start offering your own services, for which you should contact the support service.

Lessons. With increasing experience, you will be able to give photography lessons.

Internet Portfolio

Any modern photographer should have a portfolio on the Internet. You may not create a website in principle, but to have a page or a group in contact with your portfolio is simply an obligation. You should definitely use Facebook and Instagram. The plus of your site is that you can promote it in search engines and get additional traffic.

Professional development of the photographer

Do not forget to improve your skills. Now there are a lot of photo schools, where famous photographers share their experience. Also, you can get reasoned criticism of your work. Be always in the trend!

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