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Business Ideas For People Who Want to Work From Home

Business Ideas For People

The best 10 business ideas, which brought billions of dollars in revenue, initially seemed too banal to be realized, but as a result, they exceeded all expectations and brought the kind of profit that big enterprises dream about.

With a rich imagination that helped turn “piles of garbage” into goods and entire businesses that didn’t exist before, these people became billionaires. A huge role in the success of these people was played by amazing hard work and faith in themselves, thanks to which no criticism could not turn them off the path to success. In today’s high-tech world, we need less garbage for a valuable invention, and more of it is a good idea. This is clearly demonstrated by the list of 10 inventions that have made their authors’ business profitable and have earned billions. Five of the ten inventions were made in America. Others came from all over the world, from Thailand to Germany.

  1. Michel Ferrero and his family. Europe. Wealth: 10 billion dollars

The family’s business profitability is based on the fact that they made chocolate part of the breakfast by selling chocolate butter for sandwiches and toasts.

The Ferrero family, headed by Michel, is one of the largest chocolate producers in Europe. Among their brands are Ferrero Rocher, Nutella, Tic Tac and Kinder Eggs. Now the family is expanding its activities towards Asia, especially China. Michel Ferrero lives in Monte Carlo, his sons live in Belgium.

  1. Brad Hughes. Wealth: 5.3 billion dollars

This lucrative business is built on the idea of installing automatic storage cameras along highways for all comers.

Brad Public Storage is the largest company in America in terms of storage services. It has 2,000 branches. Brad was a top manager at Property Research, a real estate operations syndicate, when he decided to start his own storage business. Hughes is one of the biggest benefactors in America, he fights child leukemia. The billionaire donated over $200 million to the Parker Hughes Cancer Center in St. Paul. The center was named after his elder son.

  1. Ralph Lauren. Wealth: $5 billion

The idea to take an ordinary polo shirt, stick a label with a horse on it and estimate it at 50 bucks made R. Loren’s business successful.

Born in the Bronx, the son of Russian emigrants, Ralph Lauren began his working career in a store and worked as a clerk for Brooks Brothers. He left business school in 1967 to start designing ties for Beau Brummel. In the same year he borrowed $50,000 to launch his legendary Polo. In 1994, he sold 28% of his company to Goldman Sachs for $138 million. Loren owns a ranch in Colorado and an estate in Jamaica.

  1. Jeff Bezos. Wealth: 4.4 billion dollars

The business is built on the idea of selling books online, saving customers the time they spend on trips to bookstores.

The founder of Amazon. com, the world’s largest virtual store, Jeff Bezos grew up in Texas and Florida. He became a computer wizard at Princeton and worked on Wall Street right after graduation. But at the age of 30, Jeff changed his life abruptly and decided to start selling books online. His first office was located in a garage in Seattle. In 1997, Jeff became a billionaire. The passion of Mr. Bezos’ whole life is space travel.

  1. Ty Warner. Wealth: 4.5 billion dollars

The release of cute teddy bears with different touching names allowed Warner to achieve dizzying business success. The teddy bears are produced in very limited batches and immediately become a subject of collection.

Warner is the shy press owner of the brand producing Binnie bears. The seller’s son, he left college to sell teddy bears. Binnie bears were born in 1986 and immediately took the lead in their segment for many years. Warner invested in real estate and even built the most expensive Four Seasons hotel in New York. Want to spend a night there? Prepare 30 thousand dollars!

  1. Kaleo Juvidiha, Dietrich Matesic. Thailand, Austria. Wealth: 3.1 billion dollars, 3 billion dollars respectively

Here we deal with the most profitable business in the field of soft drinks trade. Business idea: to sell an energy drink on a sugar-caffeine basis, rich in vitamin B, for sportsmen and fans of night parties.

Yuvidiha and Matesic created Red Bull – an energy drink for young people, who are fond of sports and active lifestyle. Annual sales of this drink have already reached $3.4 billion. The brand’s co-owners (49% each) have purchased a Formula 1 racing team and two soccer teams: Red Bull Salzburg and New York Red Bulls. Yuvidiha also owns a network of Thai private clinics and TC Pharmaceuticals (worth $170 million), which produces energy drinks in Thailand. Mothers are developing their own aviation-related business projects.

  1. Mario Moretti Poligatto. Italy. Wealth: 3 billion dollars

This condition was made in the manufacture of shoes with small holes in the sole (protected from moisture by a special membrane), which eliminates the smell of sweat in the legs. This seemingly obvious idea has brought huge profits to the shoe business.

Mario is the founder of the Geox shoes company. The idea of “breathable” shoes came to the founder of the company in 1994 during a trip to the mountains of Nevada. It was unbearable heat, and to give your feet the opportunity to “breathe”, Polegatto punched holes in the soles of his shoes. He tried to sell the idea Nike, but the concern was not interested in the project. Now Mario’s own company sells 16 million pairs of shoes a year. Among his clients – even the Pope. Poligatto enjoys success: he bought two Lamborghini, a Ferrari 360 Modena Spider, five Arab horses and six antique Moto Guzzi motorcycles. In his spare time, Mario masters … glasses.

  1. James Dyson. Great Britain. Wealth: 1.6 billion dollars

The success of this business is built on… vacuum cleaner! It was the idea to create a vacuum cleaner that sucks dust at an incredible speed – from 320 km/h to supersonic – that brought success to the business. Supersound tightly packages the dust and prevents it from being thrown out.

As a child he studied English and played the bassoon, then entered the art school to study design and engineering. He prepared 5127 prototypes of his current vacuum cleaner, which he presented in England in 1993. This year, Dyson’s DC12 vacuum cleaner became the most-fed vacuum cleaner in Japan, beating the local Sharp and Sanyo brands.

  1. Hans and Paul Reigeli, Germany. Wealth: 1.5 billion dollars (each)

The conditions were made thanks to the sale of sweet chewy sweets of all kinds of shapes.

After World War II, brothers Hans and Paul rebuilt the confectionery factory of their family. Now the annual turnover of their brainchild is 2 billion dollars. Most varieties of sweets were invented by Hans – he has more than 200 of them. Ideas for new forms usually come to him after reading comics or watching children’s films.

  1. Howard Schultz. Wealth: 1.1 billion dollars

This is the most profitable business of selling coffee. Idea: put a coffee shop on every corner in America.

The owner of the chain of coffee shops Starbucks, the coffee king, Schultz grew up in Brooklyn, studied and played soccer at the University of North Michigan. He moved to New York City and started selling mugs and pots of the Swedish tableware manufacturer. Traveling in Italy, Schultz was captivated by the idea of opening bars selling espresso. His bosses said no and he risked starting his own business in 1985. In 1992, Schultz began a public auction of his company shares. Today Starbucks has 12 thousand coffee shops, which serve 40 million Americans every week.


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